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Latest News: A lot of people compare this game to words with friends. We are indeed a word game like wordswithfriends and scrabble but we have some very cool things that set us apart. If you are looking for a word game for iphone then you must download this! We have a free version so why not? This is not your average Iphone word game by any means. If you like word with friends or scrabble on the iphone then you will absolutely love this game - we promise!
  • First player to move gets double points.
  • Search opponents by user name or choose "Find me a player"
  • Create multiple words during a turn
  • Shuffle your tiles to jar your memory
  • See points BEFORE submitting
  • Use all 7 tiles to earn bonus points plus another turn
  • Get ahead by 200 points and you win!


Best Game Ever
"If you like words with friends you will love love love Word Supreme. A must download!"
-Mike R.
Love It!
"What a workout for your brain! And the creator has gotten bold with words not approved in other games."
-Jessica S.
"This is a great word game with a twist. The challenge is to use all the letters in one turn. Can be very addicting!"
-Jacob L.